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Mrs. Stevens | Seibels House and Gardens | Columbia, SC

So let me go ahead and tell y’all this... Tori’s bridal session was 3 days before her wedding! Tori was coming into Columbia from Texas for her wedding and there was no other time we could get together and to do it!

Also, Tori’s bridal session was the first time I ever got to meet Tori in person! We have skyped, talked on the phone, and texted and just from our conversations knew how sweet Tori was, but it wasn’t until I met her in person I fully understood how authentic, kind, and genuinely nice person she was. Literally, right after the session I got in the car and called my mom to tell her about how much I love my brides and couples! And just said HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY!?! Seriously y’all, that’s what I think about all the time is that God has put these amazing couples in my life and I believe it’s for a reason and that these couples are teaching me things about love, kindness, respect, so on and so forth that I will carry with me the rest of my life.

It’s not just about shooting their wedding. It’s about the relationships I get to make with them!

Tori’s bridals were at the Seibels House and Gardens, and The Horseshoe in Downtown Columbia. I had never shot at the Seibel House and Gardens but was blown away by the rooms, the grounds, and the garden. It was like have a little piece of a Charleston plantation home in Downtown Columbia. All it was missing was that Spanish moss you know I love!

Tori was a complete trooper through the wind and the cold, and I kept telling her to think warm thoughts like that Jamaican honeymoon she is currently on or that peppermint schnapps hot chocolate she was planning to have after the session! Tori also brought with her, her future mother in law and future Aunt in law. These two ladies were an absolute hoot. They help get Tori to laugh by doing the silliest of things behind the camera and they were also the absolute best help!

I am so excited I didn’t have to wait long to share these photos because I squealed during the session, on the way home from the session, when I was editing the session, and when I delivered the session about how beautiful they were!! Tori, you are a stunner!


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