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Willam and Eliza | Engagement Session | Downtown Charleston

William and Eliza were so fun to work with. When looking for a photographer Eliza knew she

wanted to find someone whom William would be comfortable around. William and I went to

Wofford together which allowed them both to have a relaxing and fun time while getting some

pretty fantastic pictures!

Eliza grew up in Charleston. With their wedding being in Beaufort, she knew she wanted to pay

tribute to her beautiful hometown in their engagement session. It is hard to pick just one

special location in downtown Charleston so Eliza loved the idea of golf carting around to get

several locations. This was hands down the best idea ever! How have I done Charleston

sessions before without a golf cart. We started out at her parents lovely home where I was

welcomed in as if I was part of the family. From there we hit several locations around


Eliza and William are not only soon to be husband and wife but also best friends and it shows

in the way they interact with one another. They were comfortable and tender. I tell my couples

when doing kissing pictures to “kiss and come away with a smile,” and I barely had to tell

these two that because it was so natural.

We ended the session in true Charleston fashion at the battery overlooking a perfect sunset for

this amazing couple!


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