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Note to the bride

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! 

My hope is to create a unforgettable and meaningful experience for you and your groom.

I want to build a relationship with you, celebrate your love,

serve you in the best way I can, guide you, give you complete peace of mind

and most importantly capture your love story!

I would love nothing more but to sit down with you hear

about your groom and your dream wedding.

Columbia Wedding Photograhy
Kind Words

She captured so many emotions, and every time we viewed another picture we were even more moved than the previous we had just seen. Words cannot describe how much the photos meant, and we will forever be grateful

- Callee and Alex

an Alex Hope Leaphart Couple...


My Why

It wasn't until I fell in love with my 80's rocking, guitar playing, truck driving, Jesus loving, baseball player and high school sweetheart that I understood what love was. I'm talking the type of love that gives you butterflies in your stomach even after years of dating, the type of love you can't think of going a day without them, the type of love that big fights end up with even bigger hugs, the type of love that you would do anything to just to see them smile, and the type of love that you sacrificially put them first everyday. This type of love should be celebrated everyday, but your wedding day is a day for friends and family witness this love and to honor that love. 

I do what I do to not only celebrate you and your love, but to capture all the raw, pure, joyous, and unfiltered moments of the day. To bring all the emotion of the day into a tangible story for you and your spouse to relive year after year, and to serve as reminders for you both in moments when you desperately need reminding. I know that no relationship is perfect. I know that there is trials in marriage. I know that my husband will someday become old and wrinkly. But I also know will look back on our wedding day 50 years from now and feel the same love that I had for him on our wedding day. I am a wedding photographer because in marriage your love story should be celebrated every day.

Hilton Head Wedding Photography

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