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Elizabeth and Brady | Intimate Greer City Park Wedding

This wedding I was second shooting with Amanda Oliva Photography for the first time. I was so excited to second shoot with her because she mostly shoots in film! My hope is to one day be a hybrid photographer and shoot in both digital and film. Film I believe makes photography into such an art. Using a film camera you have to be intentional about every shot you take because there is less editing you can do with film and a certain amount of shots you can get on a film roll. Lots of people ask why would you want to use film with you have the technology of a digital camera?!? Film photos to me have amazing coloring, great depth, even skin tones, and just a timeless look to me. Don’t get me wrong I love my digital camera and will always use it, but in the future I want to take my love for the art photography further and use film as well.

I actually didn’t meet Amanda until an hour into the wedding day. I met the groom, Brady, and his family at the park where they were getting married and Amanda met the bride, Elizabeth, where she was getting ready. Elizabeth and Brady decided they just wanted any intimate ceremony with just their immediate family in attendance. Honestly, it felt like privilege to be there because of how small and intimate it was. After the ceremony, Elizabeth and Brady were able to give everyone hugs, take sweet intimate pictures, and be completely relaxed. Then Elizabeth and Brady left to have a SPA DAY as a newly married couple! How fun!

While Elizabeth and Brady were at the spa I was able to have lunch and get to know Amanda and her assistant a little more. Amanda truly has the kindest heart and you could truly tell how much she loves working with her clients. Amanda also told me she thinks shooting film is much easier than shooting digital….So much jealously for this. I admire Amanda and her craft and if you are looking for an amazing film photographer in Athens/Atlanta hit her up!

After Elizabeth and Brady’s spa day they met at the Spinning Jenny in Greer for a reception. They got there before all their guest arrived so they could greet every single on that came through the door. Honestly, I respected them so much for doing that and that attested to their character and type of people they are. The rest of the night they enjoyed some good BBQ, drinks, and company. I am so glad I got to meet Elizabeth and Brady and I am so happy Amanda let me tag along for the day!


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