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Ashley and Trevor | Engagement Session | Columbia Riverwalk and South Carolina State House

Back in February, I was only planning to giveaway one prize in a giveaway, but because of the

extraordinary response I got, I could not help but to also have a runner-up. Ashley and Trevor along with their families made my decision easy. The thing that got me the most about

their entry was what her dad said. He said, ”As a father, you always pray that a good, Godly man will come into your daughters life. My prayers were answered when Ashley met Trevor. He is the type of man I have prayed for since I held Ashley in my arm. They are a true example of love, and they deserve this. I want my daughter's wedding day to be perfect, so I hop you will choose her to help make it the best wedding possible” *Cue Tears*

I was so looking forward to this session for several reasons. First, I was going to have the

opportunity to catch up with an old friend, Ashley and I went to elementary, middle, and high school together. Second, every time I mentioned that I was shooting Ashley and Trevor to someone who knows them, I would get bombarded with how lucky I am and how cute they are and boy was the right!

We met at the Columbia Riverwalk. Ashley and Trevor were naturals in front of the camera.

They were able to be silly and have fun the entire session. Ashley's mom was with us and when we take the kissing pictures at first they would ask her to look away, but by the end of the session,

she was joking back saying I think y'all like to do that too much.

At the end of the session, they said that they felt like they were just on a date. This made my

heart explode because that is exactly the experience I want my couples to have during engagement sessions. It is about making memories not just taking photos.


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