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Jess and Matt | The Horseshoe and South Carolina State House | Engagement Session

Jess and Matt are getting married in Chicago but are living in Columbia and wanted to have someone capture their engagements in a place that was meaningful for them. Matt is in the Air Force, and Jess and Matt met in Mississippi while he was in air force training and she was working.

We met up at the Horseshoe and Statehouse. Matt was comedic and made Jess and me laugh the whole session. I loved how comfortable they were with me. Sometimes I ask my couples if they are self-conscious about anything in photos so that I can be sensitive too it and make sure their best qualities so in the pictures I take. Jokingly, Matt immediately chimed in and said my ears. I could 100% relate because that is something I am sensitive about too! So we had fun taking silly pictures covering up his ears for a few photos

In pervious pictures, they have always included random dogs to confuse their family and friends since they don't have a dog. We joked that I should have brought my dogs and incorporated them into the photos with them. Honestly, though after following Jess on instagram I am also confused if they have a dog or not because they are always pet sitting for people. They look like the best pet sitters in the world too.

When I posted sneak peaks, one of their friends asked if they were in Charleston. What a compliment to be in Columbia and someone to think its in Charleston. Thank you, Jess and Matt, for this fun session!


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