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Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

People that know me know there is nothing I love more than family. Having your family around you and supporting you on your wedding day makes things even more special. Chris and Cami’s day was full of family! In the morning, it started out with Chris’s mother asking if everyone if they want any breakfast, his aunt keeping me company outside when I was taking detail shots, Cami’s mom putting on her dress, her sister helping with her hair, and Chris and Cami’s little girls helping with her shoes. There was no better way to start the wedding morning!

Then I went to meet Chris and the guys at Rainbow Lake Pavilion. Some of the guys pull up and I ask if one of them is Chris. Immediately, this bald-headed guy gave me a blank stare and just started to shake his head no. He then went on to say, “He’ll be here in second with the other guys.” His groomsmen that were with him were playing along too. I was so confused because I hadn’t met Chris, but I had seen pictures and really thought that this was him. After a minute or two he finally admitted that he was in fact Chris. I knew immediately this would be a fun group of guys!

I was so right I had a blast taking pictures with them and the whole time they had me cracking up. What was even sweeter is Chris kept apologizing for them and telling them to act right for Cami. I love when groomsmen allow me to get the shots I need, but they still cut up and have fun with it!

The girls arrived and you could tell Cami was so ready to see her dad and her groom! Her first look with her dad was the sweetest. He just stood there looking at Cami for a few minutes tearing up and then went to give her the biggest hug.

Cami and Chris’s first look perfectly describes who they both are! Chris turned around with the biggest smile saying, “WOOOOOO! Can I take you home now?” and Cami just kept telling him how handsome he looked. You could tell seeing each other made all the nerves go away and they didn’t stop smiling the rest of the day!

You remember what I said about their family? Their moms had both set out appetizers for the guest after the ceremony, their whole family helped to set up the ceremony and reception, Chris’s dad was the DJ, Cami’s aunt baked the cake (which was some of the best cake I have ever had), and their precious grandparents were going around taking pictures of everything.

These two people are pretty awesome and are so deserving of each other. I am so appreciative that they chose me to capture their day, and they are the reason I absolutely love my job. Also, if you missed Cami’s bridal portraits at Cleveland Park and the Marriott you can check them out right here.


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