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Mrs. Manditch | Furman University Rose Garden | Greenville, SC

Being an outdoor and natural light photographer, of course my job relies heavily on the weather. Naturally I have about four weather apps on my phone and watch the radar like I am a weather man. For Ashleigh’s bridal session there was no rain in sight but when we showed up to the session the thunder roared and then started to downpour.

Ashleigh took it like a champ though and we were able to capture some amazing photos in Furman’s rose garden quickly before we headed inside and strategically got some photos inside the student life center. The student life center was filled with purple, students faces on the wall, and board members all meeting for dinner but we were able to work around all of that to get some great photos.

We picked the perfect time of year to be in the rose garden. Every rose in the garden was in full bloom, and it was magical! It was the perfect area for dreamy princess dress. Also, she looked like see was straight out of a Disney fairytale in the gazebo. I felt like I was dreaming and I could’ve shot out there for hours!

Ashleigh and her mom were the sweetest during the entire session. They trusted me to know when we would need to head in. They trusted me to continue the session inside when It started to rain. They trusted me in shooting around all the purple. I absolutely love when my clients completely trust me. It allows me to be creative!

I enjoyed every minute with the both of them and talking more about the wedding made me so excited for her wedding day, and let me tell you her wedding did not disappoint! Ashleigh, you are one beautiful bride.


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