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Ashleigh and Luke | Engagement Session | Brevard Music Center

Ashleigh and Luke are from Brevard, NC and I was so excited to travel up there for their engagement session. Ashleigh and her mom scouted out different locations and chose the Brevard Music Center. It was the perfect location for a fall engagement session. From a small lake, to stone bridges, ducks, and brightly colored leaves it made the most amazing backdrop for all their photos.

When Ashleigh got out of the car and told me her and Luke were Disney and Star Wars fans, I knew I was in for a fun session! Ashleigh and Luke were cracking up the entire session and so was I. Luke was so witty and silly that it made every pose so funny. I loved seeing how playful they were with each other.

Of course, during their session, they brought out the light sabers and had a duel. I won’t be the judge of who won, but Luke did have an advantage because he wasn’t in heels. I hope they bring these light sabers out during their marriage to settle some disputes ;)

We ended the session on this tiny dock with the most perfect sunset! This is the kind of stuff you see in the movies y’all. I can’t wait to get to know these two goobers more and to see their love story further unfold!


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