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Mr. and Mrs. Benton | Hall at Senate's End | Columbia, SC

Last year I met with Stacey and Chuck in Starbucks and talk about their dream wedding. It’s crazy to think that was 12 months ago now and that these two are finally Mr. and Mrs. Benton. Right when I met Stacey and Chuck I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding day. Right away you could tell how in love they were with each other and when Stacey was telling me how Chuck proposed she had the giddiest smile on her face. They talked about how close they were with their families, their fun friends, and their ideas for the wedding day. Everything they were saying I could relate to and immediately we had a connection!

Fast forward 12 months and the day that was long awaited by Stacey and Chuck and the rest of their families was finally here. When I got to Hall at Senate’s End I couldn’t believe how gorgeous everything was. You could tell Stacey and her wedding planner, Beverly, had thought of everything. It looked like a fairytale wedding.

When I went into the bridal suite all the girls were jamming out to Beyoncé and getting their hair and makeup done. Stacey was starting to get nervous when her makeup was done and it finally set in that the day was finally here. She put on her wedding dress and was to see her groom.

Stacey and Chuck’s first look was the sweetest! When he turned around they both kept giggling at each other and couldn’t stop smiling. They are just too adorable together.

Stacey and Chuck could have not picked a more perfect day to have a wedding. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and all their guest you could tell loved the outdoor ceremony and the message their pastor gave! These too walked down the aisle just saying to each other “We’re married.”

Since they were finally married these two were ready to party and I mean they know how to throw a party for their guest! The band was absolutely incredible and had everyone dancing until it was time to send off Stacey and Chuck to their honeymoon in Belize! I seriously think I danced as much as the guests at this wedding!

I was so happy to be a part of your wedding weekend, Stacey and Chuck. It was so incredible to get to know you, your families, and your friends. I am so so so happy for you two.

Wedding Dress Boutique: Jo Lin's Bridal

Shoes: Kate Spade

Groom's Attire: JoS. A Bank

Bridesmaid's Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo Collection

Bridesmaid's Dress Boutique: Bella's Bridesmaid

Wedding Bands: Unforgettable Jewelry

Videographer: Elyse Serrano

Catering: Dupre Catering

Cake: Publix

Make-up: Alyssa Torres Miller

Officiant: AJ Mealor, Pastor at First Presbyterian of Moultrie


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