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Caroline and Morgan Engagement

Truth is… I have had a major girl crush on Caroline for years now, and have admired Caroline and Morgan's love for each other and for God from afar. You can ask my husband when I saw Morgan purposed I jumped up and down in our living room. There is something about two people that just want to lift up Jesus's name through their relationship that makes me so happy. I loved getting to know them more, their love for need to breathe and Ben Rector, and their love for this special place in Abernathy Park.

For years now Caroline and Morgan have had dates full of s'mores, good conversations and cuddles here, which all eventually led to Morgan getting down on one knee here. I could not think of a better place to have their engagement portraits taken! Caroline had the amazing idea of them doing s'mores as a part of their session and it could not have been more fun, and Morgan played some background music that set a great mood for the session (of course it included some Ben Rector). I had so much fun exploring different parts of Clemson, suffering through the cold wind, and praying away the rain with them. My favorite part was when I would tell them to look at each other they could help but smile and laugh! It was adorable. You could tell they could just kiss, cuddle, look into each others eyes, and hold each other forever. I am so excited for their wedding in November and to see two very special people commit their lives to each other! Until then, just keep scrolling through their nose scrunching cute engagement pictures.


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