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Hawaii Vacation | Oahu, Honolulu, Aulani Disney Resort, North Shore, Sharks Cove, and Waimea Bay


I haven't done a personal blog yet, but I thought a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii called for one!

At the end of June, Taylor, my husband, and I went on a trip with his entire family. NINE of us stayed in a hotel room together, flew together, and traveled around Oahu together experiencing some amazing things! A little back story to what we are all celebrating. Taylor's parents over 25 years ago eloped in Hawaii and haven't been back since they got married there. It was always a dream to be able to take their children there to experience Hawaii and there was not a more perfect time. We were celebrating their anniversary, Collin, Taylor, and I graduating, Taylor and I's first anniversary, and Vladi being with us! I think all of that called for a heck of a celebration.

Taylor has travelled all over the world! I mean his fun fact about himself when people ask is he has been on 32 cruises in his lifetime. On the other hand I hadn't flown on a plane till I was 20, I have never been on a cruise, and I have only been out of the country once (our honeymoon). One thing both Taylor and I were so excited about marriage is our desire to travel! We have so many places we want to go together. We literally have a running list on a note in my phone. Hawaii was just one check off the bucket list.

On the way to Hawaii we had several delays. We sat on a plane for 2 hours while they were trying to fix something until they told us to get off the plane and go to another one that was being cleaned. It was a three hour set back and was cutting into the time I could have my toes in the sand! Anyways once we took off we had a 9 hour flight to conquer. I had plans to edit for nine hours, read, watch a movie I was dying to see. Lets just say that didn't happen. Before we left Taylor and I went to get coffee for everyone. I grabbed everyone else coffee headed back to our gate and he said he was going to grab his and mine that I could go ahead. Well remember that 2 hour delay I told you about, when we got on that plane I realized the coffee he pick up was not mine. Yes, it was a frappuccino but it had 4 shots of expresso... 1. I don't drink coffee very much. I get my caffeine from coke. and 2. I have NEVER had shots of expresso. That expresso kicked in when we took off. I felt like I could do laps around the plane, my heart was beating fast, I was shaking, and I was very dizzy. I took sleeping pills and past out for 5 hours, but still managed to get a lot of editing done.

By the time we arrived at Honolulu there was literally mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. It was unreal. Then when we arrived at the Aulani Disney Resort we were greeted with leis and beads! We felt like real Hawaiians. ALOHA! The whole trip was a dream from swimming in the lagoon, seeing Stitch, Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, and Moana, an anniversary dolphin snorkeling trip, going to Pearl Harbor, going to a local park and encountering dolphins, experiencing a luau, going to the north shore, eating at food trucks at Sharks Cove, jumping off big rocks at Waimea Bay, and drinking endless amounts of pina coladas out of a pineapple (well just craft beer for Taylor of course). By the time we were supposed to leave it felt like we had only been there for 2 days and needed about three more weeks. I honestly would have been okay if we would've just bought one way ticket. I cannot thank Taylor's parents enough for loving the both of us and taking us on a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We had been up since 4 am SC time and it was now 7 pm Honolulu time thats 21 hours and about 16 hours of that was that was travel. We were beat! Even though we were all so tired we were not use to the 6 hour time difference. We all woke up at 6 am every morning and went to bed a couple times at 8 pm. I haven't gone to bed that early since I was 6 years old.

The view from our hotel room when we arrived! Only God can make that!

Our awesome awesome awesome hotel. Disney is always better!

My sisters! ;)

The cute couple!


Taylor taking my pictures and telling me to act like a model. I love him!

Honestly, I will never ever be too old for Disney characters!

Disney had its own snorkel reef for kids to encounter snorkeling in a safer environment.

Vladi Snorkeling!

One of the nights we went out to dinner.

Our Anniversary snorkeling trip.


These two amazing people that made this trip all happen!

I love this family so much!

The Luau was super fun and learned so much about Hawaiian culture. Plus, the food was amazing!

Waimea Bay and Sharks Cove. Shoutout to my BFF, Destiney for the suggestion. That rock is a lot larger that what it looks like in this picture.

The bluest water I have ever ever ever seen!

Taylor and I went back and jumped together.

Of course I had to get portraits of everyone. :)

Taught my sister-in-law how to shoot so Taylor and I could get some sunset portraits! She killed it!

Last day, last pina colada!

These photos are already up around our house but I wanted to share it with you all. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii I would love to share more of our experience with you! Aloha for now!


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