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Introducing Mrs. Norris | Marriott Downtown and Cleveland Park Bridal Portraits

I am just bursting with joy to share these bridal portraits. Jenna is not only simply beautiful on the outside, but she also has a heart of pure gold. She has dated one of my husband's good friends for the past few years, and it has been so great to get to know her better.

I want to share three things I have learned about Jenna. 1. She is competitive and athletic. She probably could beat almost any guy any day in Soccer. (maybe including her new husband)  2. She loves sweets. She can tell you what ice cream to buy, where to get the best desserts, and can describes sweets so well you feel like you are tasting them. I have high expectations for her wedding cake. 3. She is such a good listener! When she would come and visit her now husband (AHH!) at Wofford sometimes I would be in the guys room just venting about something and she was there just listening so well. I never told her but I completely appreciated that. She probably thought I was crazy because we hardly knew each other at the time and I am just an open book with crazy stories. So, thank you Jenna for listening to me and just being a sweet friend! 

On the day of Jenna's bridals, it was absolutely beautiful all day and about an hour before her session the sky fell out. We had planned to do her bridals in the Hatcher Gardens, but we made back up plans that worked out flawlessly. ANDDD...the rain stopped for us to go to Cleveland park to get some beautiful sunset portraits. When I showed up Jenna looked like an absolute princess. Her big ball gown with all its details and train was a stunner! It was great to have both her mom and sister there to handle all that dress and crinolined and there to just tell her how beautiful she looked the whole time. Her mom was so fun trying to think of creative pictures to take (like asking kids to borrow their balloons for a picture because they were Jenna's wedding colors), and her sister was such a huge help at making Jenna laugh. All my favorites are the ones of Jenna laughing! She just has so much joy. 

I am so excited that her and Will are finally married today, and know there lives together will be so fruitful. Thank you Jenna so much for letting me take these bridal portraits. It was an absolute privilege. Best wishes to both you and Will. So much love for y'all!


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