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Logan and Josh | Downtown Charleston and Waterfront Park Engagement

Before this session I did some major Charleston research. I spent hours on Google maps going through streets downtown and writing down names of streets I thought were pretty, looking at other photographer photos in Charleston and finding streets they have used for inspiration, and making my husband walk the streets and route where I wanted to take Logan and Josh. Some people think my job is to just show up and take pictures, but it is much more than that. It is an experience to know that you can completely trust me. That I have preplanned, location scouted, looked at your Pinterest board, and done everything to make sure all you have to do is show up and make memories.

I could not contain my excitement for this session though! It was my first session in Charleston, a place that I thought I would not be shooting for years to come and one of my favorite places in South Carolina. What can be better than pastel house, ivy, Spanish moss, cobblestone streets, and the ocean? I’ll tell you… NOTHING.

We started out in the French quarter, to Washington square, and to Waterfront Park. We covered a lot of Charleston ground, and their dog, Gilbert, joined as at Waterfront Park. One of my favorite things about Logan and Josh’s session was how they both looked at each other the entire time. I would catch Josh just kissing Logan on the temple gently in between shots and Logan just looking up at Josh with the biggest smile on her face. They never let the tons of people walking past ever distract them, and couldn’t keep a smile off their face. It was entirely precious and just made the session that much more special.

When I met Logan and Josh all I could think about was how much they reminded me of Taylor and I. Logan said Josh is used to all the photos because she makes him do it for Instagram photos (#SAME). Josh’s humor is what reminded me most of Taylor. I caught myself saying to him a lot you sound exactly like my husband. Also, Taylor and Josh’s love for food was very similar! Josh and Logan gave me the best recommendation for a dinner place for Taylor and I. Josh’s exact words were “If you want a happy husband and to give him the best brisket he will ever have, take him to Lewis, and then tell him I said your welcome.” We went and definitely will be going back!

I am super excited for their wedding at the Historic Rice Mill in November, and can’t wait to be back with them. They both were very fun to be around, and know that their engagement session was just a start of a friendship with each other!


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