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Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose

Stephanie and Ryan were the first couple I did not actually meet till the wedding day! Stephanie immediately stole my heart with all of her turquoise details! From the flowers to the bridesmaid shirts and dress everything had my most favorite color all over it. You could tell Stephanie thought of every little detail and also wanted to show everyone that was a part of her wedding day just how much she loved them. Their smaller bridal party made everything seem more intimate and made every part of their day that much sweeter. I feel like I got to know each person in their entire wedding party!

Stephanie and Ryan's wedding day is an amazing example why first looks are wonderful! We finished all of the bride and groom portraits and all of the wedding portraits outside in the beautiful sun right before it started to monsoon outside. The Southern Oaks team quickly remade the reception space into a beautiful ceremony location and I was nothing short of impressed. It was just as beautiful as the outdoor location, and Stephanie and Ryan were such troopers in dealing with the rain. And hey, it's good luck to rain on your wedding day right?

Once Stephanie and Ryan were married you could tell they were so incredibly filled with joy and ready to celebrate with their friends. What made it even more fun is the bartender, coordinator, and myself tore up the dance floor a couple times with the bride and groom. I always have to steal one dance at receptions. I just can't help myself. Turn on some K Wang or 2 step and you will find me on the dance floor!

Complete side note: The entire day I spent trying to get good pictures of Ryan's son, but he was completely camera shy. I offered candy, toys, and treats but boy he was not breaking. Kudos to him! BUT, I finally got some amazing photos when he was dancing with Stephanie. It was the most precious thing to see them together and he didn't want to leave her arms the whole night while she was dancing!

I am so happy for these two, and can't wait to finally send off their gallery to them! Through all the craziness of the rain on their wedding day, what mattered is they finally were married and starting their life together. Best wishes to you both and thank you for including me on your amazing day!


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