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Mrs. Benton | South Carolina State House | Columbia, SC

How has it already been a week since this lovely lady became Mrs. Benton!?! I am so excited to finally share her bridal portraits at the South Carolina State House, and I mean she was a show stopper!

Stacey came to her bridal session with her mother, mother-in-law, and cousin. They were all an incredible help from blocking sun, to holding her dress down during wind, to helping with the veil. Also, the best thing about them being there was they just kept gasping at her beauty. She truly looked like Cinderella, especially with her sparkly Keds. TO. DIE. FOR.

I loved to hearing her mom and mother-in-law just chatting as I was taking photos about how wonderful Stacey is and how perfect she is for Brian! You could tell how excited they were for their daughter and son to get married. There were definitely some tears shed by these two during the session as well. How sweet!

The State House was the perfect backdrop for her bridal session and the flowers were all starting to bloom, and the light was magical. Everything about her session was perfection and I wish I could go back and relive this day!

Stacey, you are a true beauty both inside and out! I am so happy for you and Brian/Chuck (LOL). (If you don't know them personally Brian/Chuck goes by both names so I never knew what to call him)


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