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Mrs. Jinnette | Rainbow Row and Waterfront Park | Bridal Portraits

I am excited to be able to share Mrs. Jinnette’s bridal photos! Back in October we met in downtown Charleston to capture Rebecca and her beautiful blush dress. We started at the Waterfront park amongst the trees and pretty water. We then moved to Rainbow Row, where her dress stood out amongst all the bright colors. Seriously, her dress looks like it should be a part of those pastels!

Her mom and sister were there with us to help with all those layers of tool and to gawk at her beauty. Rebecca also had everyone stopping to tell her congrats, honking their horns, and even some that joined me in taking her photo. LOL. They were all treating her like royalty. I am sure she felt like a princess.

When I asked Rebecca why she chose blush? She just told me she loves pink and just has always imagine her wedding dress to be pink ever since she was a little girl. I am so happy those dreams came true for her, and she was able to walk down the aisle in her pink dress to her groom!

Rebecca, I had the most amazing time in Charleston and you are absolutely radiant. I hope you can cherish these photos for a long time. You are one special person and have a heart of gold! Glad you are finally Mrs. Jinnette.


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