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Mrs. Jumper | Boone Hall Plantation

Callee Jumper has a nice ring to it!

Callee and Alex are officially married and y’all can check out their blog here, which means I can finally share Callee’s Boone Hall Plantation Bridal Portraits.

Y’all no one could prepare me for how beautiful Boone Hall was going to be, ANDDD nothing could have prepared me for Callee’s dress!! Her dress was a classic all white trumpet dress with a mesh train attachment. It was two completely different looks with it on and off, and it was completely gorgeous.

Callee brought her whole entourage with her to her bridal session! Her mom, grandma, aunt, maid of honor, one of her bridesmaids, and her little pomerainie. They were all incredibly helpful during the shoot, and even her aunt directed tourist of Boone Hall a different way so I could get some shots in front of the house. It was quite hysterical.

This day was a beautiful day but it was quite windy so we actually took a pin out of Callee’s dress and pinned her train down to the ground to keep it from blowing. We got really innovative, and you couldn’t even tell.

Being at Boone Hall with Callee and her wonderful family and friends made me so excited for her wedding day and to see the magic unfold, and boy was it better than I could have ever imagined.


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