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Mrs. Redmond | Battery Park | Downtown Charleston

Hello Mrs. Redmond!

Sabrina is another bride I hadn’t met face to face until her bridal session. Going into her bridal session I was thinking about Sabrina telling me that she really didn’t like taking photos. My goal was for her to feel differently about photos after the session. I wanted her session to feel like a breath of fresh air to her and to be able to make her feel confident and loved.

My mom made the road trip with me to Charleston and Sabrina’s parents came with her to the session. Her dad was so adorable trying to help lay out her dress and assist Sabrina during the whole session. You could tell how much he adored his little girl. Sabrina and I started at Battery Park in downtown Charleston and we spent the entire session dodging the rain. Luckily, it stopped raining for a while for us to come out of cover and take a few.

Right from the start Sabrina was like a model in front of the camera. I did not believe for a second that she did not like taking photos. Also, Sabrina was just incredibly sweet the entire session just thanking me after each photograph. Seriously, her kind heart just radiated!

We ended the session in the French Quarter. Downtown Charleston never fails on pretty backdrops that’s for sure. Meeting Sabrina and her family made me so excited for her wedding day and to see this sweet girl marry the guy of her dreams.


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