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Nea and Matt | Riverwalk and USC Horseshoe Engagement Session | Columbia, SC

Charleston charm was found right here in Columbia for Nea and Matt’s engagement session!

Nea spent a lot of time choosing a location. She wanted to capture some of the essence of Charleston but close to home. She fell in love with the architecture of the Gervais Street bridge on the Riverwalk and the large oak trees, gardens and gates in the horseshoe at USC (even though Matt made sure to reassure me where his alliances lie, Clemson all the way). I, of course, was thrilled to finally shoot a session at the Riverwalk where my hubby asked me to marry him! It's so cool to me that along with my couples telling me about their love story that they want to hear mine as well, and of course I love talking about Taylor.

The charm was not only in the beautiful locations for the shoot but also in Nea and Matt themselves! Nea had the most adorable dresses (I was obsessed with the bow), and Matt always was making sure he looked his best. Nea and Matt had an ease between them that made capturing moments at this session a dream.

Set up by friends, it didn't take them long to fall in love. Matt is absolutely enthralled by his bride-to-be and let her know every chance he got. They were relaxed, silly, and completely smitten with each other!

I was able to get some really fun and unique shots. Thank you, Nea and Matt, for inspiring my creativity on a lovely afternoon together!


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