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Perri and Pete | The Battery & Downtown Charleston | Engagement Session

I met Perri actually through another couple I was shooting. Perri was the wedding planner for the couple and had joined the bride at the bridal session to help out. The bride told me Perri just got engaged too in ITALY!! On top of an amazing trip she came home with the most gorgeous rock on her hand.

Perri originally thought she and Peter were going to be planning their wedding at their house in Clemson in February 2019 but plans changed they are getting married in July at the Gadsden House in Charleston. I couldn’t be more excited for it either!

For their engagement session, they decided they wanted to have it in Charleston and when I sent them a list of locations I was ecstatic when they chose The Battery. The Battery is full of Charleston charm and so many sweet places to take photos.

When we met at The Battery and told Pete that it was going to be fun taking photos he kind of looked at me like I was crazy. The thing is most grooms have a bad outlook on engagement session when they arrive. I have realized it’s because they think it’s going to be like the torture they went through when their mamas would do photoshoots of them as kids. One of the first things I tell my grooms when they arrive to the engagement session is that this is going to be fun, that they are making memories, and it’s going to be cuddling, kissing, and looking at your fiancé the whole time so what could be better than that?! By the time the engagement session ends most of the grooms say that it flew by, that it was fun, or at least that it wasn’t as bad as thought. This engagement session was no exception, by the time we were done with The Battery I think Pete had had a little bit of fun. My job had been achieved!

However, we then went to Downtown toward Rainbow Row and friends, It. Was. Freezing! The wind was blowing and it felt like 10 degrees. Pete then looked at me like he wanted to shoot me. I reminded them just to get real cuddly and keep each other warm. I knew they were absolutely cold but would die over the end product of their photos. When we were trying to walk as fast as we could to our cars I notice the sky over the water looked like Cotton Candy and I made them stop for one last shot because I knew they wouldn’t regret it! Those photos are now some of my favorite photos I ever shot. I am so thankful they put up with the cold and pushed through it like champs, and hopefully now Pete has forgiven me for keeping him out in cold and thinks the pictures I got of him and Perri are totally worth it all!


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