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Cato and Sarah | City Range Proposal

Cato is my husband’s best friends, and about a week before he proposed he called me and asked me what I was doing next Sunday. I told him that I had something that evening but nothing the rest of the day. All of his response was “we can make that work.” I kept asking “why? Make what work? What is going on?” and in true Cato fashion I had to beg before he told me. He was going to propose to Sarah and wanted me to be there to take pictures of it! And, turns out my husband knew for weeks now and didn’t tell me.

The loose plan was that Sarah was going to think she was planning a surprise party for Cato with her family, his family, and his friends as he left for Emory. But, it was actually going to be a surprise for her. Cato and Sarah came over the Friday night before they got engaged, and you could tell Cato was nervous the entire time that Taylor or I would accidently slip and say something. The next day Cato called to tell us the exact plan… in true Cato fashion it wasn’t exact enough and in true Taylor and Alex fashion we told him straight up he needed a better plan and that his plan sucked. LOL. If you know our relationship with Cato and know Cato as well… you should be cracking up right now. Cato regrouped and called us back about an hour later and gave us a more exact and perfect plan that we could work off of. It was about to go down.

The next day came and it was Taylor and I, Cato’s Mom, Sarah’s Parents, and Sarah’s brother all there. They were setting up everything at City Range and tracking Cato and Sarah from church. Sarah’s mom had set up a table with a picture of Cato and Sarah, a dozen red roses, a bible from Sarah’s great grandmother, and a pallet board with the verse “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” When Cato and Sarah arrived, we were waiting outside on the patio and you could tell Sarah was confused because she thought we were supposed to be saying “SURPRISE!!” to Cato. Cato grabbed the ring from his mom and took Sarah over toward the table, and you could see the shock on her face once she saw the table. He got down on one knee and she said “YES!!!”

We spent the rest of lunch in awe of the ring, talking about wedding plans, and thinking of wedding hashtags because of course that is super important! I will forever be thankful for them allowing me to have such a special part of their engagement. You both deserve the world, and know that y’all are going to do some amazing things together. Congratulations and best wishes again!


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