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Leigh and Jay | Engagement Session | Cleveland Park and Wofford College

Leading up to Leigh and Jay’s engagement session I was so excited for a couple reasons 1. We were going to take photos at one of my favorite places in the World, Wofford College. 2. I knew how well-dressed Leigh and Jay were going to be because Leigh has such a classy and adorable fashion sense and 3. Leigh and Jay are absolutely precious together!

But when the weather was calling for snow 2 days before that engagement session I thought for sure Leigh was going to want to reschedule, and all I could think about is how amazing a snowy engagement session would be. I thought Leigh would reschedule because she is having a Beaufort wedding in the Spring… and snowy engagement session doesn’t really reflect that LOL. Much to my surprise, Leigh and Jay were all for the snow, and Leigh was just as excited as I was.

On the morning of their engagement session I woke up as giddy as a little kid to look outside at the snow, and loved when I checked my phone that I had a text from Leigh of a bunch of pictures of the snow at Wofford. We started out at Wofford and Leigh and Jay of course were complete naturals and would just fall into each other. Also, Jay did a good job at trying to keep Leigh warm. We then went to Cleveland Park, which was beautifully covered in snow. We had so much fun walking around and exploring all the pretty places. We were also freezing our toushies off. When we were done we pretty much ran to our cars and cranked up the heat! But you would never know from the photos that they were freezing.

Jay and Leigh, you guys were great, and thanks for running around in the snow with me like crazy people! Can’t wait for y’alls day!


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