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Mr. and Mrs. Tittle | Country Barn Wedding | Swansea, SC

Nevada and Ray’s day embodied PERFECTLY who they are. From wearing cowboy hats and boots, to riding in on horses to the ceremony, to guest sitting on bales of hay, to smoking their own barbeque, to drinking sweet tea and lemonade out of mason jars, to dancing the night away in a barn. All of it made the day so special.

Nevada has made me so impressed through the course of knowing her because of her do it yourself skills. EVERYTHING at her wedding and reception she handmade, painted, wrapped, glued, and sewed. This girl had seriously thought of every little detail, and put it all together beautifully! Their wedding was on Ray’s parent’s property in Swanswa and they had transformed the horse barn into a venue for these to. Ray’s dad now is thinking about renting it out in the future for other brides so if you are a bride looking for a country wedding you need to check out this place.

I had met Nevada before at her bridal session, which you can see here. But the wedding day was my first-time meeting Ray, and of course I met him on a horse! Nothing more fitting for these two. Immediately, I knew that I was going to love hanging out with the wedding party when Ray’s dad told me to call him Big Ray and when the other groomsmen were telling jokes during their pictures. The girls were just as silly getting dressed and when they got their pictures done one bridesmaid did the most hilarious laugh to make everyone else laugh. Seriously, they all had me cracking up.

When the wedding ceremony came both Nevada and Ray rode in on their horses and then walked down the aisle. They also changed up the typical unity candle by untinting two horse shoes together on a magnet board to create a heart. The ceremony ended with them taking their cowboy hats for a kiss and jumping on their horse to ride away together. However, the riding away together didn’t go exactly as planned. Ray almost got bucked off his horse. All their guest watched in fear as they saw him being bucked and thinking this is going to end with a trip to the emergency room. Ray JUMPED off his horse mid-air to keep himself safe and did it so gracefully that guest thought it was planned.

Nevada and Ray not only had the most perfect weather for their wedding day, but also the most amazing sunset for us to take pictures in front of. I was honestly dying behind the camera as I took pictures of them, and the property with rolling trees made it even more breath taking. Nevada and Ray were just so fun to be around the entire day and you could tell how excited they were to finally be married and that this day had finally came.

What was even more wonderful is they had a crowd of family and friends who help Nevada and Ray put it all together, watch their little girl London, and make their dream wedding a reality. Nevada and Ray thanked everyone at the reception who helped. Nevada started to tear up thanking everyone and I had tears fill my eyes. I love when you can tell how appreciative a bride and groom are of the people who have come together to celebrate them and how much love they have for their family!

I was an absolute privilege to get to know Nevada, Ray, London (their little girl), Scarlett (Nevada’s Horse), and Chevy (Ray’s Horse). I wish y’all a lifetime of happiness together!


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