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Mrs. Cato | Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve | Spartanburg, SC

It is special when you get to spend a beautiful day getting to know the heart behind one of your best friends bride to be, and that is exactly how the day was for Sarah’s bridal session! I am ecstatic to finally be able to introduce Mrs. Cato to you all!

Sarah, her mom, and I met up in Hatcher Gardens. Y’all this place was magical! From the budding Summer flowers, to the butterflies flying all around, I felt like I had just stepped into a fairy tale. Not only was beauty radiating from all around us, but Sarah’s joyous spirit filled our time in this special place as well. Sarah choose Hatcher Gardens for her bridal session because that was where Lee asked her to be his girlfriend. Talk about a fairy tale!

Sarah’s dress was exactly what I imagined it would be as I have gotten to know her. Her gown, from Poinsett Bride, was an elegant fitted silhouette with lace. It was classic and vintage put together flawlessly. I asked Sarah if she had given Cato any hints about her gown; she was giddy with excitement because he had not wanted to know a thing and it was going to be a huge surprise! (See picture of his face as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle and that tells it all!)

Not only was Sarah’s dress one of dreams, but every detail in her bridal ensemble was personal and beautiful! Sarah has a little secret, she is an avid amazon shopper. She found her ballet pink shoes and her hairpiece from amazon! Her talented mother then took this hairpiece and combined it with a veil to create an amazing one of a kind piece for Sarah!

The place, the dress, the details, every aspect was perfect for this incredible time spent with Sarah!


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