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Mrs. Howard | Hopeland Gardens | Aiken, SC

Hopeland Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for Nea’s Bridal Session. Nea’s smile lit up

the gardens as she floated across the landscape like a princess. She was a vision in her dress,

that looked like it was made just for her! Nea was a blushing bride as she continually asked if

Matt would like her gown. It was adorable!

Nea loves pretty places and before our session researched places all over columbia to try to

find just the right look and feel for her. When she contacted me with what her research had

revealed I immediately knew that Hopeland Gardens would be perfect. It is a beautiful blend of

Charleston charm and Columbia comfort.

When the day finally arrived to meet up at Hopeland Gardens we were both giddy with

excitement. Nea brought along her maid of honor for our session (and it turned out we had

been in Sunday School together when we were young. What a small world!) The Maid of Honor

rocked her duties for the bride, including being sure to keep the mother of the bride in the

loop ,through text, as she was on vacation. Even though it was famously hot as Columbia can

be, Nea was up for getting as many beautiful pictures as we could!

At the end of the day Nea did not know how she would be able to pick just one bridal portrait

from all of the beautiful shots we were able to get. It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon

spent capturing this radiating bride!


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