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Nia and Adam | Daniel Island Waterfront Park

I could not have been more excited to find a Gilbert native that loves Charleston as much as I did. When Nia told me she wanted to have her engagements, bridals, and her wedding in Charleston I was totally up for it. Nia and I talked about location for a long time and finally settled on Daniel Island Waterfront Park. This park could not have been better! We pretty much had the park all to ourselves, and all the Spanish moss we could possibly want.

When I saw Nia and Adam I was obsessed with her outfit! Seriously, I always tell my couples I can help them with their clothing, but these two have got style. Clothing is one of the most important parts of sessions and it’s not about matching each other. It is about complimenting each other, wearing something that you feel good and comfortable in, and something that makes you feel beautiful!

Nia and Adam were seriously up for anything, and did not judge me when I asked them to do silly things. I asked them to get in a kiddy pool, to get in the ocean with their clothes on, to climb a tree, to get into bushes, and to get in a hole in a tree. Now looking back on it they probably thought I was crazy.

During the engagement session, Nia told me that her and Adam had decided to do a destination wedding. She decided a more intimate wedding and somewhere tropical were more for her and Adam. She assured me I was still going to do her bridal session and apologized that she wasn’t having a wedding in South Carolina anymore, but I was just excited for them and happy they had chosen me to do their engagement.

When I got home I couldn’t stop talking about Nia and Adam, and their session to my husband. I felt like we had become friends. I talked about how fun they were. I told him how Adam didn’t complain one time but he was sweating through his clothes. And, I told him all about how they were having a destination wedding. He then said, “did you offer to go and be there photographer?” I honestly didn’t even have that thought before he said it. I never thought in my first year of my business that I would book a destination wedding. Let alone a destination wedding in JAMACIA.

I sent Nia an email just pitching the idea to her, and she was completely for it! I honestly shocked and it felt surreal that I was booking my first destination wedding. Also, I was completely right how Nia and I would become friends. We have pretty much talked about wedding plans weekly now and it could not be more fun. Just this week I got the save the date to their wedding and it is still setting in that I am going to be shooting a wedding in JAMACIA! Can’t wait for the #JamacianMeSpires wedding next June. Counting down the days till it’s here.


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