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I am over here squealing at these gorgeous photos and this beautiful couple!! This blog is definitely one for the books.

When I met Lindsey at Starbucks I thought we would have a quick 20-30 min convo, but we ended up spending a hour together chatting about Justin, their engagement, their wedding day, the Lord, and just life in general. Also, we spent a great deal of time admiring her gorgeous ring that was pasted down from Justin's grandmother. We would have probably stayed there another 2 hours if Lindsey didn't have somewhere else to be. Honestly, talking to her was so refreshing and I just love it when I just connect with my brides so easily. It is so important to me to have a personal relationship with my couples so they feel comfortable with me, and know my number one job is for them to have peace of mind on their wedding day.

Lindsey and Justin's wedding I learned 2 very important things about them.

1. Their abundant love for Christ


2. Their die-hard love for the Clemson Tigers

Their friendships with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, their ceremony, the way others talked about their relationship, and the way they treated each other all day was such an example of Christ love for us. How cool is it that not only can they celebrate being married, but those who witnessed their marriage saw Christ love and the gospel be played out. Those type of marriages are truly #goals and just get me so pumped to see these two live out their lives together with God at the center.

Secondly, I can't relate to loving those Tigers, but when Lindsey told me how much she and Justin loved Clemson football. I didn't know quite how much until I saw his Clemson sweat rag he used all day, his groomsmen's Clemson pins, their orange socks, and the most amazingly detailed Clemson ring groom's cake. All they were missing was Deshaun Watson himself.

Y'all also you see those amazingly perfect bride and groom portraits below? We had about 20 MINUTES to knock out Lindsey and Justin's portraits, their family portraits, and their wedding party portraits because a storm was coming in. In case you didn't know, that's not a lot of time. We did it though! Once we felt one drop of rain, Lindsey ran so fast inside her veil came out! I could not be more happy though that we were able to get all the shots, and the majority of the day the weather was absolutely perfect....Well except for that South Carolina heat.

Lindsey and Justin, thank you from bottom of my heart for allowing me to be apart of y'alls day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together full of Clemson football games! Can't wait to see how the Lord will use y'alls marriage to impact others around you.


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