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Mr. and Mrs. Levi

Today these two have been married for 2 months! Whoot whoot!

True story: One night in January, I laid down in bed bummed because I knew brides were booking photographers 9-7 months out. I thought to myself I won't be shooting my own individual wedding till September or later. Don't get me wrong I love love love second shooting and working with other amazing photographers, but I was ready for the big leagues. I desired to make that step into book my own wedding. I prayed that God would allow me to trust in his timing and to be content and at peace at where I was at in my business. I also prayed that he would instill confidence in me that this career is where he wants me and what he wants me to pursue.

Well, the next morning I woke up with an inquiry from Sabrina for her wedding in May! What?!?!

I was honestly so excited. May have jumped up and down on my bed squealing for a few minutes. AND, another huge plus SABRINA AND CAMERON ARE ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS COUPLES AND SO SO CUTE! May have stalked their engagement photos when Sabrina posted them before. It could have not been a better wedding or a better couple to have as my first solo wedding.

Here's the catch though, it was the day before I was supposed to graduate college. I knew I would be missing out on some of the amazing things Wofford had going on, but I knew this was the start of my career. I did not want anything more than to start shooting my own individual weddings.

When the day came, y'all, I had zero nerves! I was just so excited and confident because of all the practice I have had with second shooting and all the education I learned to be prepared. (Thanks to all the amazing ladies that have let me learn and follow them)

Sabrina and I knew each other from high school, but this was my first time meeting Cameron. He was so sweet and you could tell a little nervous. Hehe. Cameron and Sabrina literally got ready just a few yards away from each other in different rooms, but didn't see each other till she walked down the aisle.

Their ceremony and reception was at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, GA. When those bells rang and those doors opened, I immediately got chills all over, and I am pretty sure everyone else did as well! Then, Cameron's reaction just had me crying behind my camera. It was the sweetest and #groomgoals!

I had so much fun with Sabrina and Cameron, their families, and their entire wedding party! Their wedding day went absolutely seamlessly and I may have been flipping through all the pictures on my camera on the 3 hour ride home. Thank you both for being so amazing and entrusting me with your special day. Y'all enjoy your lifetime together!


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