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Mr. and Mrs. Lobby | 701 Whaley | Columbia, SC

I had so much fun second shooting with Celia G Photographie/Harbour Affair for Brittany and Pat’s Columbia wedding. Pat is in the Air Force and Brittany has been with him through out his Air Force

career. From training to several international assignment, Brittany has been there and many say

she is already an amazing “Air Force” wife! Getting to experience all the special traditions of an Air Force wedding was such an honor.

Brittany and Pat were the epitome of an excited but relaxed pair on their wedding day. They

both enjoyed the morning hanging out with their friends and family while getting ready for their

ceremony. Brittany’s parents gifted her with a special set of blue sapphire jewelry and her mom

wore a matching piece.

The ceremony was at church in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina. From beginning to end it

was seamlessly put together. Brittany’s dress was an amazing hand painted masterpiece. It

had beautiful blue and coral at the bottom. As Mr. and Mrs. Lobby exits the chapel they

walked under a traditional saber arch of military branches.

The reception was at 701 Whaley. Many family members gave emotional and memorable

speeches. The Air Force traditions took the stage though at the reception. The first tradition

was the “party shirts.” In the Air Force, at any formal event the men wear special party shirts.

These shirts are designed to look like regular tux shirts with a jacket on but when jackets come

off they reveal fun and funky arm and back designs on the shirt. Normally, the tradition rule is

that jackets can come off when the highest ranking person removes theirs first, however for

weddings it is when the groom removes his jacket. This was so fun to see the bond between

the Air Force members as well as personalities revealed. The second tradition came at the

removal of the garter. During the removal of the garter is it tradition to all sing “You’ve lost that

loving feeling” by Elvis Presley from the movie Top Gun. It was amazing!

This was by in large one of the most fun wedding to be privileged to attend and help capture!

Brittany and Pat, as well as their friends and family really know how to celebrate!


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