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Mrs. Anderson

CamiJo is now Mrs. Anderson, so I can finally share these!

Some things you would never know about this bridal session:

1. It was pouring down rain most of the time, and when there was stops in the rain we ran out to get some pictures

2. CamiJo is wearing tennis shoes (LOVE THAT)

3. We had to stick a white blanket under her dress outside so it wouldn't get wet

4. CamiJo did her own hair (isn't it adorable?)

5. There was a wedding reception going on about 100 yards away

6. She had the best entourage helping her with the blanket, her dress, umbrellas, and more!

When it started to rain on CamiJo's bridal session day I was distraught! I thought we were going to have to reschedule, and it was going to be pushing it close to her wedding. However, CamiJo was so laid back, such a trooper, and had a lot of faith that it would stop raining that we went ahead and did it. I love how much she trusted me that I would get the photos she wanted no matter the weather conditions.

Rain was not the only obstacle in our way... when we arrived to Cleveland park we were hoping to take some pictures under this beautiful wrap around porch. However, there was a wedding reception going on there, and we couldn't. We literally took pictures under the porch, and under where guest were partying! LOL.

When it started to rain too hard her mother-in-law had the idea to go to the Marriott in downtown Spartanburg for the remainder of the session! I had never even thought of that as a place to take pictures, but it had beautiful courtyards and staircases all around. What was even funnier was guest were telling her congrats, taking pictures of her, and she even got a whole restaurant to clap for her. We finished the session with one last shot at the Marriott bar, where a kind man offered his beer for her to take a picture with. HILARIOUS!!

I love when my brides are willing to roll with the punches! We had such a great time and made memories that will last, and it was so great having her family there to support her and help her. We all just kept telling her how beautiful she looked. CamiJo, you are so sweet and kind, and I loved chasing the rain with you! I can't wait to share the rest of her and her new husband's wedding at the Rainbow Lake Pavillion, which will be on the blog soon.


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