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Ned and Catilyn | Rock Hill Wedding | Magnolia Room Reception

I was so happy when Lauren Curry asked me to come second shoot with her for a wedding in Rock Hill. I have followed her for quite some time now and her work was not only beautiful, but also captured pure, raw, and joyous moments. That’s one thing I think makes a photographer stand out. I feel like a lot of people can make people pose and take a pretty photo, but it takes a special person to capture completely candid moments that exudes a person’s personality! Lauren is definitely a photographer that can do that and that is the type of photographer I continuously aspired to be.

Meeting Ned and Catilyn you could just tell how much they were in love with each other and excited to walk down the aisle and marry each other. Both were surrounded with the greatest of friends pumping them up, giving them big hugs, and shedding a few tears. Catilyn also had the two most precious flower girls that looked up to her like she was a princess and it was the sweetest thing in the world!

When it was time for the ceremony you could feel the anticipation. Catilyn took once last breath before they open the doors with her dad by her side. Everyone was tearing up as she came down the aisle and Ned was for sure. Catilyn’s dad broke the tears though when he took out a selfie stick at the end of the aisle and took a selfie with Ned and Catilyn. Catilyn and Ned’s vows to each other honestly had me tearing up. They were some of the most Christ centered and gospel centered vows I have heard. They truly displayed what a God centered marriage should look like.

Portraits after the ceremony were the best! There entire bridal party was just so excited for them and Ned and Catilyn couldn’t keep those squishy face grins off their faces. When we got to do their portraits though they were some of the most romantic portraits as well!

After pictures, it was time to party and let me tell you they knew how to party. Every song they were up dancing, and their wedding guest were crazy good dancers, including Lauren and her husband. I was so happy I was a part of this joyous event and thank you Lauren again for letting me second shoot with you!


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