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Sarah and Lee | Engagement Session | Waffle House and Glendale Shoals

I am finally sharing a blog of the infamous Waffle House engagement session! Many have asked "Why Waffle House?" And here’s the story:

Cato and Sarah have known each other since high school, but only had to date a short while before knowing they loved each other and wanted to get married!

I still remember Cato sitting in Taylor and I’s house talking about if he saw Sarah at church he was going to get the nerve up to ask her on a date. Cato also knows how much of a social media stalker I am and was trying not to say her name in front of me. He slipped up and said “Sarah” and within minutes I had found her of Facebook and Instagram and gave her the “Alex Seal of Approval.”

After their first date the rest is history! They saw each other every day and went on fun dates, but every Sunday after church they went to Waffle House. They both had deep meaningful conversations and sweet giggles over some bacon and hash browns. Cato even thought about proposing at Waffle House since it was a special place to them and he was proposing after church.

He ended up proposing at City Range in front of all of their family and friends. You can go see their proposal here.

After our silly Waffle House session, we went to Glendale Shoals. Cato and Sarah were such naturals in front of the camera and were just having so much fun together that I barely had to give instructions. All their giggles and cuddles were so adorable and you could see how happy they are to be with each other.

Also, Sarah and Cato killed it with their outfits! I was absolutely obsessed. It made all their photos look like a fairytale, and I can’t wait for their fairytale to unfold in July and to be able to capture it!


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