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Julianne and Tripp | Falls Park and Downtown Greenville

I don’t know if y’all remember but back in April I had a deal for couple sessions going on. I had one for Charleston, one for Columbia, one for a Peach Orchid, and one for Greenville. When Tripp messaged me for the Greenville one, and I was ecstatic! Not only to catch up with an old friend, but to meet his girlfriend that I had seen him with all over Instagram. (Side note: I met her for like 2 seconds at my wedding, but I wanted to get to know her better more than just her first name.)

My husband and I always go on dates in Greenville and walk around Falls Park, but you see so much more when you walk around with a photographer’s eye! Before there session started I walked around and kept thinking to myself “I don’t remember this bridge being here? I don’t remember these stone steps being here? I don’t remember those rocks being here?” Suddenly, Falls Park got even prettier!

When Tripp and Julianne showed up in her Lilly dress and his bright turquoise shirt I knew it would be a great session. They were both so easy going, and were just such naturals in front of the camera. About 30 minutes in I had to ask if they had professional pictures taken before and both of them said no. I was seriously amazed. What I also thought was funny was Julianne would take the words out of my mouth. I would tell Tripp to laugh or go in for a kiss, and Julianne would say “laugh harder” or “you can do better than that.” It made me giggle a little bit and want to say YGG!

After Falls Park we headed to take some downtown sunset portraits, and these were for sure some of my favorites! The stringed light alley was absolutely everything. These two were troopers through the heat, walking around everywhere, and letting me try out new things with them.

One of the things I love the most about doing sessions with friends is I can try new things with them and don’t feel bad if they fail or uncomfortable because we can laugh through it. What I do with my couples most of the time is start out with basic poses and as they get more comfortable I begin to incorporate advanced posing, and at the end I always like to try one new pose I have never done with any of my other couples. Sometimes that last pose is my favorite of the entire session.

Tripp and Julianne, thank so much for a fun time together, and especially for getting Willy Taco with Taylor and I afterwards. Tripperoo, it was good catching up with you, and Julianne, it was wonderful getting to know you. I hope that we can get together more often in the future.

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