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Mrs. Tittle | Horse Bridal Session

She is now Mrs. Tittle! It has been so sweet getting to know Nevada through talking with her, facetiming her, her bridal session, and now her wedding. She is so detail oriented and I completely love it! She made sure she matched from her cowboy hat all the way down to her turquoise and brown boots!

She made all the detailing on her hat, her bouquet, and so many decorations for her wedding! She was such a fantastic DIY bride. I love that because I was one to! When a lot of sweat equity goes into your wedding you feel a lot of appreciation for every little thing.

Nevada also has the sweetest little girl! I am so happy we grabbed a few shots of her with her mommy at Nevada’s bridal session before she was ready to kick off her boots and take off the dress to hop on the horse!

Now…. Let’s talk about these horse bridal portraits… I mean am I dreaming! These were beyond magical and when Nevada told me we were going to include her horses I immediately started to Pinterest for some major magical horse inspiration. It was so incredible to see how comfortable Nevada was with her horse even with a wedding dress on!

AND, the wedding dress didn’t stop her from hopping on her horse and RIDING him like a champ WITH A WEDDING DRESS ON! I was so impressed, and so glad she chose to incorporate them. It was so hard to not shares photos till now! Nevada is just absolutely gorgeous, photogenic, and a natural in front of the camera.

After we took pictures with the horses we headed over to her friend’s house that had an amazing pond with a little dock that went out to the middle. Like how perfect! I am so glad Nevada chose these locations and it made for the perfect bridal session that embodied who she is.


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